Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back in Barcelona

Now we're back in Barcelona. It's time to meet our families. It's an exciting moment, but we can't forget all the friends that we've left in Turkey. They've always been nice to us. We were surprised by the expectation that we aroused among the students and the kindness they all showed.
We'd really like to thank the headmaster of the school, Yavuz, and the teachers who were with us, but overall Kadir, who was our guide and host. They really made us feel at home and gave us memorable experiences.
We've practised and improved our English but we've also learned about other cultures. We have good memories from all the experiences we've lived and emotions we've felt. We speak different languages and have different religions, but we've got lots of things in common. The most important thing is that we've learned to open our minds and overcome prejudices, which is the main objective of this project.

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