Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Visit to Kilis

Today we've been to Killis, the town where we're staying. A small bus toook us through the narrow streets. In the first place, we visited a place where women learnt how to sew.

We visited a mosque and Jordi and Kadir prepared themselves for praying. They washed their hands, then their ears, faces and feet. Everything was repeated three times. After that Jordi said the words that Kadir told him to convert himself into Islam.

Later we went for a walk in the town. The Turkish teachers invited us to lunch and then took us to the Turkish bath. During daytime only women can use it.

In the evening Kadir picked us up to have dinner with all the teachers, their families and the Comenius students.
There was a show after dinner. Some students sang, danced and acted in plays. The theatre was full of people. Even Jordi, Erika and Rosa were on the stage for a few minutes.

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