Friday, March 20, 2009

A day of celebrations.

We went to the Art Classroom and the teachers asked all of us to draw something related to our city. The most popular picture was Jordi's.

After the pictures we went out to the school yard to play traditional games and later on traditional dances started. They were really exciting and colourful. The music was full of energy.

We had lunch in the school yard. We ate traditional food which students themselves cooked.

After lunch Kadir and Serkan drove us to the radio station for a special interview about the Comenius project. Sandra and Zaira were with us as well.

Kadir went shopping with us to the main street in Killis . He helped us with the language. He's an excellent Comenius host.
At 17.30 teachers and students were invited to dinner at the houses of our Turkish hosts. Different families opened their houses to us with affection. We left our shoes at the doorstep. Our Turkish friends gave us sleepers instead.

To finish the day, we attended a special celebration in the school's theater. We saw the performace of a wedding ceremony from the stage, sitting on rugs. We were offered special hot meat with lettuce and a glass of drinking yoghurt. The music and dancing was incredible.

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