Monday, March 16, 2009

The first day at the school

It was a very important day because they were celebrating the 161st anniversary of the school. We've seen typical dances, theatre sketches and concerts of Turkish music. Some important political leaders of the area were watching the show with us.

We had lunch at the school's canteen and later visited the school. We even entered the girls' dormitories. It was very surprising to see the photograph of Atatürk (founder of the republic) in every classroom and office. The flag of the Republic of Turkey everywhere too.

Nati knows about her future better. A teacher of the school can predict your life by looking at coffee's sediments.

The school has big open areas, including detached houses where some teachers live with their families.

After lunch, we went to the headmaster's office. It looked very impressive: very formal and elegant.

While the girls were having dinner, Jordi and Nati went out for a walk in the town, Kilis. It was full of barber's shops. We got into one and Jordi had a shave and a massage done. The barber was really nice and kind. He offered Nati some tea, like all the Turkish people do.

Then Kadir picked up Jordi and Nati to go for dinner with the Turkish teachers. They invited us to a traditional supper and there was even dacing at the end.

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